Serviced Offices

Using storage units for your small business

Here at Storage City our facility offers a secure business park and has the added bonus of having serviced offices available if required. With a front-of-house reception area these offices are ideal for Small Businesses.

Now you may be asking yourself the question, why would I want to rent a storage unit and how would it benefit my small business. Below are some reasons to why you might want take advantage of a self storage unit.

Reduced cost. If you are seeking an area that will basically be your headquarters but not expecting it to see much incoming customer traffic, then renting a storage unit rather than actual office space in a business park for example will be much cheaper. Allowing you to spend the savings on things that will help your business grow, perfect for the small or start up business where every little counts.


Improve productivity. So your working from a home office, while the obviously advantage of that is that it is even cheaper than renting any other space to work in. It can have negative effects on productivity, some people feel too comfortable in their own home or get distracted easily which in turn decreases your productivity, working from a unit could cut those decreasing factors out and make your business more efficient.

Balance family and work. As mentioned above if your business if being run from home, which most start up/small companies there are advantages but this could potentially be very stressful if you are trying to balance family and work life along side each other. Renting a unit is a great way to separate the two and can give your business more structure.

Flexibility. As your stock increases or decreases you are able to alter the amount of space you are renting to accommodate, meaning no unnecessary money is being lost on unused space.

Self storage units are a great inexpensive alternative to office space for small and start up businesses alike looking to avoid hefty leasing fees. Even if you’re not working from the units they are also ideal for inventory management and storing records as well as having many other uses.

Whatever you may need a storage unit for I’m sure we can cater to your needs, just give us a call on 01623 441440 and we will be able to get you on the right track or answer any question you have.