How to solve your Christmas storage crisis

Of course Christmas will bring good cheer and family fun, but it also comes with the baggage of additional household items that you have to somehow fit into your already packed storage spaces. This includes decorations, present, all that lovely food and the most important thing; the Christmas tree. This all needs to be squeezed in somewhere around your home.

So with all of the festive things going on in and outside your home, it would be the perfect time to find some temporary storage to put all the excess stuff in and to just give yourself some extra space around this busy period.

Our prices range from £4.50 p/w for 50 sqft all the way up to 350 sqft from a starting price of £66 p/w our storage options are vast. The bigger your storage space, the more presents you can store away; we even have enough space for a car.

With all the extra storage space, you could keep every single present a surprise and not have to sit through those false surprise reactions. This means you won’t have to squirrel into the attic to hide those special gifts, or cram them into the spare room hoping somebody won’t go on a hunting spree to see what Santa has got them. Alongside all of this, having a storage unit also adds the element of safety and a 24 hour watch over all your possessions.

With all of our storage solutions whether it be domestic storage or for a business reason, we have the perfect solution for you over these Christmas holidays. All of the information regarding sizes and pricing is on our website. If you need further assistance then please give us a call on 01623 441440 or give us an email at